Reviews and Testimonials

Hello Ty!

I just wanted to take a minute to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for you and your product. You saved my life! I am in a happy relationship and every year I make more money. I have traveled around the world and experienced luxury, abundance, and a more profound connection to spirit than I have ever felt in my life!

Abundant Mind videos gave me hope and a new lease on life. Please, keep up the amazing work and I'm always excited to see what you come up with next! You are a genius! Life just keeps getting better and better with your videos. I recommend Abundant Mind videos to everyone I know and love!


Susan Donohue, 25 New York, NY

I’m so grateful to you Ty!

THANK YOU TY for all you did for each of us, and still do! Your work is amazing and very powerful! Thanks to your help, I started to change my mind, act and react whereas all the areas of my life were blocked and upside down! I felt depressed and you gave me strength to wake me up again! you are the most incredible person I "met" and there is no words which can describe how grateful I feel... Thanks, God bless you Ty!


Truly Grateful

I don’t have words to explain how watching the video The Universe Provides is making me feel right know!It was the most beautiful video I ever saw. Tears were rolling from my eyes..Such a really good and happy feeling it provides me! thank you so much for the chance to see and experience this! Feel so grateful and blessed! thank you once again ,this was what I needed. You’re real special .

Bless you Xx Vanessa from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Thank you

Hi Ty,

I wanted to thank you for all your work and the way that you generously share it with us.

I watch your videos since 4months and it changed my life. A lot of good things happened to me and I feel better since I watch it. I keep going to train, I am on the right path to find a job and attract my soul mate Thank you testimonials suggestion manifesting abundance 2

I almost have watched those videos : love/attract men/money/luck (this one really impressed me by the way it worked)/total healing/intelligence/confidence

Globally they all work really good but maybe the spoken ones works better for me.

A video to stop smoking would be nice, and one for a beautiful skin would be nice too (like for acne scar)

You make a really good job and I hope I will soon subscribe the "evolution member".

God bless you, I send you all my love and my gratitude.

Thank you testimonials suggestion manifesting abundance 2


New wonderful life

I came upon your videos last year, and I started by listening to, and downloading "Going Deep" because of the abuse I suffered, along with your get higher self-esteem, Positive thinking, but that special someone was missing in my life, so I tried your Soul mate video, and I had this feeling if I wanted to find "The One" for me, my true love I had to go to another state, so being that I was being evicted from my apartment in MN I went to Chicago, Ill. and in a "homeless" shelter found the most loving, caring man I have ever meet, puts me 1st, loves me unconditionally, is EVERYTHING that matters to me, he is my EVERYTHING, and I’m his, we love each other so very much it has only been 5 months, but since day 1 we wanted to get married, and will be soon can’t wait to be his wife, everyday is so special with him. Thank you, Ty

Kimberly Bomstad


I intend to have a 100% improvement in my health ,my intention is to enhance my spiritual experiences on a much deeper magical level, I intend to master the law of attraction and manifestation. It’s my intention to make a more conscious effort to reconnect with the one’s I’ve lost touch within my family circle , I intend to apply that to my Friendships as well , .. It’s my intention to have financial security for myself and my family... It’s my intention to be Healthy/wealthy and wise Enhancement testimonials manifesting health , I intend to be more focused and make 2014 the year I achieve all my desires including a loving spiritual partner with shared interests, I intend us to compliment each other on all levels .. Thank you Universe , Thank you God! and Thank you "Abundant Mind" for allowing me a platform for posting my Intentions and your wonderful subliminal videos that are accelerating my dreams, Much gratitude...


Going Deep & Universe Provides

Hello Ty-

For 3 days now I’ve been watching/listening _practicing_ the two free videos you offered ... and am excited about the results I am already experiencing! Nothing overtly physical yet, but a vivd difference in the way I find myself thinking and feeling on a variety of topics.

I am not new to self improvement and I’ve used all kinds of tools to assist me along the way. Just wanted to say the quality here is as high as any I’ve encountered. I am very pleased and very appreciative. Soon I will post again with the _physical_ results I feel certain are on my horizon.

Thank you so much!



I downloaded the millionaire mind video, and within two months got a windfall of $100,000.00. I have been reading self help & law of attraction books for years, and have never had such a windfall or a manifestation so big. I am just a regular hard working Joe. If it worked for me it can and will work for anyone who uses these videos to visualize!

Jedi in training

A Great Shift Within My Consciousness

Hello Ty,

We have exchanged a few short messages and I was encouraged to explain a little bit more about the effect of your wonderful work in my life.

It would be a great deal to say, for there are important changes operated in many aspects of my life, but of course, I’ll try to keep this post as short as possible. From all what has happened during the last months inside my mind, I think that becoming fearless could possibly be considered as a major change.

Interestingly, when I started to watch your videos, which from the very beginning resonated with my heart and soul, I didn’t quite realize how important they could be. So it happened that I forgot to train from time to time. Then I had a dream in which you, Ty, was explaining to me a lot of aspects of this daily training. I awoke feeling suddenly aware that this work had to be taken very seriously. Within weeks of daily training I had been capable to control my mind; probably not perfectly, but better and better. I started by attracting in my life other kind of people, more inclined towards positivity in life, and more interested in spirituality. Then I attracted other kind of pupils for my piano lessons, more interested, more serious in their relationship with music.

I shall try to end up my testimony by saying that I always knew this: we all are what we think we are. Nevertheless it wasn’t easy to tame the mind, to empower it, make it become an ally. Your work helps the mind to work with the deep desires of the soul and this is fabulous. Once more, I shall thank you for what you do. Each and every single video I watched delighted me and I shall continue to train forever. Hoping that you too will create for us forever, I send to everyone greetings and blessings,


My Life is Changing

Hi there, I’ve been using your meditation videos for the last few weeks and extremely positive and unusual things are happening to me. My business is now being acquired after one year in the market. I also have a deep connection with my inner self and the universe – I can’t explain it fully here. From everything little to everything big, things are changing all around me and I don’t think I’ve ever had this feeling of contentment in my life before. You bring the ideas in the film "The Secret" to another (and deeper) level. I feel like I now have complete trust in myself and the universe and all the wonderful things it gives me. I will make sure to post more of my experiences in the future. I really wish we could connect further – I would love to put you in the spotlight as much as I can and promote your work and it would even be a bigger honor for me to meet you someday. THANK YOU for this enlightenment!



I have journied 45 years through this life feeling out of sync with humans and our seperation from ourselves and each other. Until now all that was offered for relief or direction was another pill and mind numbing useless indoctrination. Your videos and all the supressed avenues one can now readily access are truly a god send which has allowed that bright shiny child of the universe i lost along the way to come back to me, you are an inspiration to us all,thank you with all my heart,


MY INTENTIONS – Marriage, Money, Giving Back

Ty, I thank you so much and I thank, "THE UNIVERSE" as well for these videos because I can see that a lot of work has been put into it. I apreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Now my intentions are that I become a Multi-Millioner to give me more confidence and make me comfortable in life because I have a lot of things to do with Money. I INTEND to re-marry a Man of my dream and have twin boys for him, I INTEND to give a lot back to the UNIVERSE through my Charity Organization for Orphans & Women in crises that is going through registration now in UK, I have been single handedly running it in Africa presently. I am originally from Africa but lived in UK for the past 22yrs.

I must admit that things doesn’t work easily for me spiritual, physically and mentally in the past. But once more I thank the UNIVERSE and you Ty for making these videos. When I started watching them regularly for the past 7days, honestly things has dramatically changed for good in my live as well as my loved once lives around me. I also needed urgently £30,000.00 to clear the Container Goods & Vehicle I sent to Africa before coming in contact with the videos, I thank the UNIVERSE, someone called me this morning and promised me the money so I believe the promise will be fulfilled......cos I can feel it within me already.

In the past I will normally wake up with severe headache which on the second day of watching the video for Immune System the headache completely disappeared. I watch Money Attractor, Money Magnet, Edge of the UNIVERSE, Love Vibrations, Going Deep, Self Esteem, Higher Intellect etc in short I like them all and I keep myself really busy watching the videos them.

Ty, finally I will like to ask you a question, I am in my late forties and I INTEND to re-marry the Man I am with at the moment, I also INTEND to have twin-baby boys. So which one of the SUBLIMINAL VIDEOS can I watch to get pregnant?

Many thanks and more grease to your elbows


Unemployed for 6 weeks, pushing 50, laid off again and out of no where my confidence is gone!!!! with a week of interviews scheduled I was terrified for the first time in my life, I’ve always been loud and confident, now I find myself "shaking" in an interview, had to do something... searched videos and found you, since I started watching 2 days ago, I’m back to my old self, just had 3 interviews and had a great time being my normal confident self... Can’t thank you enough!! Now I have choices & am far from fear!!


Thank you so much for creating these videos ! this is impressive how they are helpfull !! and I just started few days ago...Wow

God bless you for sharing this with us. Good job.

Regards, Beri

I Wasn’t Quite Ready...

I’ve been listening to your subliminals for bout two weeks day and nite like u said, so one weekend morning I went to the community market to get my fruits and vegetables when I was looking at what I was going to get when a gentleman just handed me $2.00 and told me to get a bunch of these plums they’re sweet! That to me was showing me that I am becoming a real Money Magnet! At first I just said thank you but a few minutes later I said I’m becoming a real Money Magnet!

Thank You

Dear Ty,

Thank you for these awesome videos for clearing the subconscious mind!

I have been enjoying them for 1.5 weeks and noticed a shift immediately and it’s getting better! My income is improving as well as my attitude of worthiness in regards to having my desires fulfilled. I have been reading self-development for years and yet it didn’t experience the depth that these videos provide in just a short time. These videos are a great addition to my self-development program.

Sincerely, Holly

Money HD

Hi I just started to look at the videos, Money HD money and soul mate and coincidence sometimes once and sometimes twice I notice that people are magically drawn to me I am unemployed and seeking employment before I look at the videos my phone would not ring I thank you opportunities for money and jobs are popping up everywhere I really love your videos they do work and I have been watching for two weeks everyday I know I will be employed very soon with a job


Many Thanks!!!

Hello Ty, I want to thank you for sharing the Abundant Mind series. Ever since I’ve been using the Abundant Mind messages, my work and personal life have blossomed. I’ve gotten bolder with communicating with people and also in doing my presentations! :) Thanks again and hope to keep in contact with you.


Doubt Into Belief

After listening to/watching Love Vibrations and Together (one in the morning and the other in the evening), I went out with my friends the next night. No less than 6 men commented on my clothes, my perfume and my smile within the first hour. Wow. Then, after listening to/watching two of the Attract Money Subliminals, I received a phone call (out of the blue) from a doctor I had seen over two years ago. They had a refund check for me. I didn’t ask how much because I was in such shock over it, all I could do was give the office my updated contact information and say thank you and good-bye. I am still a bit speechless over the whole experience. All of this within 6 days. Just wow




about 4 weeks ago I was going to my new part time job and some days I had to work very hard. I watched the Abundant Mind free video off How To Have Good Luck each day, sometimes once, sometimes twice. I kept reminding myself during the day that I was always lucky, whatever I did or wherever I was. At work, even when it was hard some days, all went well and smoothly.

Yesterday I received a message that I was the lucky one to win a Samsung Galaxy S3 from a crossword puzzle that I made in June 2013. It’s worth about 450.00 Euro’s !!!

I feel a difference within myself. I also watched Positive Thinking and Get Higher Self Esteem and at this point in my life I truly "feel" that I’m a lucky woman that thinks positive and who’s feeling confident. In the past I would think, ohh I’m not winning anything as usual and that’s just exactly what the Universe gave me hahaha !

Thank you very much for sharing this with everyone of us who is willing to watch and believe. I’ll keep watching them !

Have a wonderful day,


Going Deep

Thank you for your really excellent work, two or three months ago I download "Going deep" and it’s radical the change, I can see further. Now I don’t see right now I could see several years in deep in the future, it’s awesome the power within this videos.

I feel the improvement, so thank you very much.



Dear Ty! I’ve been watching your videos and my life is changing and some of my wishes are already manifesting! Since I’m a musician; pianist, I believe and sense the power of sound and its frequencies. They really have the power to change our consciousness and shift our vibrations. I want to express my gratitude for your work, so beautiful images! Blessings and may Source always inspire you! Thank you so much! Blessings

Thelos Perlin

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank Abundant Mind for dedicating time for this project that has probably help a lot of people, including me... just saying thanks for that good work that had inspired me, on my journey.


Only Gratitude

Hi, dear Ty, There is a long time now that I use your videos on a daily basis and I think it’s time to thank you for having created them. For me your work feels like artwork, I appreciate it totally and entirely. Your creation has an important effect on my consciousness, and I seriously believe that people should try to bring more order into their lives by using your extraordinary work rather than criticize it.

However, my intention is to express my gratitude to the talented creator of this music and these beautiful videos. I consider you an artist and I wish you to become at least ten times as rich as you are now.

Thank you Ty, may God inspire you more and more every day,


It Just Works – Simple as That

You can say whatever you want, but the fact is that this particular path to greater enlightenment, love and prosperity will work for you, if you diligently apply yourself. I wasn't looking for some specific thing like "winning the lottery" or money "falling from the sky". But what did I get? A loving mate, a secure home, a great work-at-home job and everything that I ask for (as long as it's good for me). While I have taken this path to the next level, I just wanted to say that the directions and concepts presented here were the perfect beginning of my metaphysical journey. So, thanks everyone. If I run into you, then you'll know that you were SUPPOSED to run into me. At that point, I'll assist you in any way that I can...


It Works!!!!!

So I have been a little down financially lately (well, who hasn’t?) but I wanted to do something about it. I started a business last December (5 months ago), which I thought would take a while to pick up. After watching the "Success" video a few times, the phone began to ring! Companies I had never contacted or sent my information to began calling me, and now I have almost more work than I can handle! I now work for five companies doing subcontracting work which I enjoy very much. Thanks, Abundant Mind, for your amazing videos and for helping change my life. I am going to buy a few full-length videos now, since the money is coming in and I can afford it!!!!!


You Got To Try It!

I just want to say that from my experience with those videos this thing is POWERFUL and the results are almost immediate for me!!! I listened to a few of those subliminals before bedtime and the next day on my way to a job interview. I didn’t feel a single bit nervous or apprehensive. I actually felt great, positive, confident, and the interview went so casually and amazingly well that both the employer and myself were thrilled at the end of the meeting. BTW, I got the job on the spot You got to try it! testimonials subliminal video manifesting .

I listened to them again last night and woke up feeling wonderfully energized and happy this morning. I love waking up to a new day with a smile on my face.

Thank you for doing such a great job on those videos and most of all for sharing them. I will definitely recommend them to as many people as possible and am looking at purchasing all of them for my personal collection You got to try it! testimonials subliminal video manifesting


Advice For Everybody

Hi guys I want to know everybody these videos are really powerful, a high quality impression will envolve your senses. But I just would like to invite everybody, whatever is your desire and whatever kind of meditation you choose, please don’t forget to be willing to set your intentions in accordance with the highest Will Intentions, to let your personal project be also a benefit and a contribute for making better the life on all our dear Planet and all the humanity. Does it sound too great? No boy, you’re important and you’re here for much more reasons you think. Simply set yourself willing to partecipate in the creation of the Universal Harmony and this kind of mindset will work as a powerful propeller to reach and realize your personal project, whatever it is.



I intend to continue to be in a wealthy place receiving financial prosperity everyday.

I had listened to the Going Deep for about 3 times. I received $100 from a brother friend at church wishing me a happy birthday. I needed the funds to have gas to get to work. I intend to earn $3,000 per day!

Ms Dancy


As a generally very positive person, I don’t know all the ways these meditation guides (audio/video) will help, but I can tell everyone that is interested, I have noticed the following:

*Better sleep *Increased creativity – my better half is in a wheelchair and I’ve recently had some ideas for new designs that I want to start on prototypes this summer. *Mood – Let’s face it, sometimes what we’re experiencing doesn’t always match up with what we were hoping for, but I am able to step back and smile about how everything has always seemed to work out perfectly. *Motivation – Well, I have set some new goals (and milestones) and have been working towards reaching it, well, I’ve hit my milestones for Jan, Feb, and March!

At the very least, the audio and video is very impressive. Figuring how much we spend on music and movies that probably don’t really benefit us as people, why not try this out, I know I will be buying the full versions later down the road, for now though, I’m very thankful for the free versions!

David G

Holy Cow!

I have been using a variety of the Abundant Mind programs for the past 2 weeks or so, including some for attraction, money, confidence and success and i have to say the results have been astonishing; for example, during the success video, the first time I watched it I had what I can only describe as a spiritual revelation, I was sweating, tears were pouring down my face and I felt a particular bliss that I had only experienced before in deep meditation. Insights into what to do and why seems to flood my mind, it was rad. I definitely recommend that one highly – but I would also like to say that with these videos, I have found that women seem to make eye contact with me alot, and seem to gravitate towards me seemingly at random, and actively seek out my company which is new for me as I used to be very shy and withdrawn. something clearly is happening. I’m currently saturating my brain with these subliminals and I plan to do so from now on! Props!


Self Esteem

Hi Ty, thanks for your welcome. I have looked at several of the free 15 minute videos. so powerful. I watched the one on self esteem and had to preside over an event as the MC. WOW. I was in rare form. I was so confident, didn’t stumble, stutter, or flinch, i was great. Thanks I watch everyday. I watch the millionaire mindset. Love it.

D. Iyonna


I just want to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this amazing work available to the rest of us. I was able to identify and move past a major block that had been put in my mind when I was in the Military.The abundance that I have received since I started watching (4 times a day ) now is so amazing that I had to start a journal to document this great time in my life.

Once again Thank You !


Noticed Some Things That Made Me Smile

I’ve bought a few of your videos now. Back in December, I bought a couple of your money consciousness videos. Just yesterday, I bought "Escape" and "Healing Body and Mind" to manifest more peace and calm into my life. When I started watching the new videos today, I smiled to myself because I remember watching the free versions of these videos quite often last year; and I realized that I’ve already manifested some of the things mentioned in these videos into my life. For example, I have a lot of energy at this time in my life ... much more than I’ve had in past years. I also have a much healthier lifestyle in terms of my relationship with food, nutrition, exercise, everything. So, that made me smile. The only thing now is that I’m still a bit anxious, at times, due to a very busy lifestyle. I’m a full-time sales person who is also building another company on the side. Sometimes, things get a little overwhelming. Sometimes, I don’t handle that as well as I’d like to and I feel anxious inside. So, I bought these two videos to help me with it. I’ve been watching them off and on all day today, and I already feel much more relaxed...

I am very confident that these two videos will help me, and it’s for more reasons than what I mentioned above about already having manifested improvements in my health. It’s because I’ve also already noticed improvements in my ability to attract money, presumably from watching the money videos each morning and each night over the past month and a half. I’m winning sales contests left, right, and centre at work; and it’s coming easy to me. I’m also attracting more business to my other company. Hopefully, soon enough, my company will be self-supporting and be able to pay me a significant salary. That will be nice. It will be a dream come true.

Here’s another thing I’ve noticed about myself. I have different thought patterns about things now. It’s difficult to put into words exactly how things are different other than to say my views have changed regarding what is and isn’t possible now, and I notice that in my reactions to things.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Abundant Mind. I love your videos. They are all so beautifully produced, and I’m grateful to you for creating them and sharing them with the rest of us. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, as you recommend. I hope my posts will help your other customers to see the value in your videos as I have.

Kind regards, Kim

Different Areas

I found you on YouTube and I have been using the exercise/eat healthy subliminal for about a month at first I didn’t think I noticed anything then all of a sudden my eating habits changed in a big way. I didn’t want to buy junk, I cut out all junk food and bought only whole fresh foods. Drink only herbal tea or water and I exercise every other day consistently. I stopped watching the subliminal for about a week only because I have many areas that I am interested in now brain entrainment is one. However when I stopped the other day I ate two cookies and chocolate. I didn’t like that and I instantly knew why. I went home last night and plugged in and I feel so much better today.

When you have more than one area you would like to improve in how do you do that? I only have so much time in a day as it is sometimes I sneak sometime in at work.

By: Penny


I have only watched the Abundance subliminal and only the 10 minute version too and Whoa! I have seen some so called "subliminal" programs ...what a joke... this technology is just amazing and you guys are saints for sharing it! Please keep the videos coming because they are for real and powerful ! I would be remiss to not recommend these subliminal trips to anyone looking to really see real results fast and still get to enjoy an awesome visual/audio show! Check this out! You will be glad you did! Sincerely, Ross B.


Going Deep Again

Hello, I’ve started more or less 2 weeks ago watching Going Deep, full version and I simply adore it, and I’m starting to have good responses in my professional life towards money, so it works and Thank you, I’ve been watching here and there other videos but still is too soon to make a statement, although as little as it has been I’ve noticed a few positive and welcome changes, I’m talking about improvement on psychic powers as I work on that area. Thank you again


The Best Subliminal Videos

I watched so many Subliminal videos. But Abundant Mind videos are the BEST. The graphics are amazing. I bought one of your videos and it had already an amazing impact on me. I will keep you updated


Joyce Ramgatie

Healing a Hockey Player

I recently took a viscous hit at the end of my hockey game. We won the championship on national tv, but the hit prevented me from really celebrating with my teammates at the end of the game. The doc took me into the locker room where there was already an x ray machine there. After examining me, he told me I had a grade three separation of my shoulder and said it would take at least six weeks before i could start playing again. Even though i was in pain, i remember giving him a smirk and said it will be three weeks and I will be back. He was kind of insulted by what I said, but I felt confident. The next day i purchased the healing health mind, body, and soul video as well as the manifestation of relationships (different story). Anyways, I watched them daily and have amazed my trainer and physical therapist. Its been three weeks and I am cleared to play full contact. The doc asked me how i did it and I just said I had great nutrition, sleep, and a positive attitude. (with the help of the video)



I am so grateful for all these videos and the subliminal messages. I view them daily and speak the affirmations in the I tense making them my own. Fantastic personal growth happening from playing them daily as I go about my day. I truly think differently and the Universe is responding to me. I believe in God but, my thinking needed to be updated!!! Love the visual videos Beautiful and stimulating!! Thanks, Ty


Great Creations

I have seen many subliminal videos, yours are the most beautiful and have to most heart that I have ever seen.

Yes there is some great stuff out there but yours are awe inspiring. Just watching them is fun and beatuiful. Completely takes my mind away from thinking its subliminal. Awesome, just awesome. I’ll recommend you on my website with a lik if its ok with you.

Art Runningbear

Psychic Video Opened 3rd Eye!!!

I was a bit skeptical as to whether psychic abilities existed, But I watched your psychic video 2 times a day for 3 consecutive days, On the 4th day when I began to wake up, Eyes still closed, I experienced sleep paralysis and I coudn’t see then my forehead starte throbbing, My eyes still closed I saw an eye staring at me and I became afraid of it and started screaming then I saw this flash of beautiful blue light.

Was I scared? Hell yes!!! Your videos are the real thing, Although I’ve stopped watching the psychic video because I’m not mentally strong enough to deal with and embrace the otherworld yet.

Jim jones

Amazing Results!

Greetings everyone! I´ve been using Abundant Mind videos for aproximately 6 months and i´d never post something before, but the next experience is somethign that I think deserves to be shared. Some days ago, I noticed a pimple in a very uncomfortable place of my body (...let´s say I´m male, imagine the place now). I´m not very wise in medicine, but I really know that a pimple in that place is not very helthy at all!

I was completely shocked and it wasn´t tiny, it was kind of big! I was very concerned about it. But then, I remembered a video posted here named "Super Immune System Activation, and I imagined myself in those hills, becoming as healthy as the nature. This was like 3 times aproximately in 4 days, and I set the goal to get rid of that pimple as soon as possible.

Then, I continued with my normal life, I spent time with my friends, laughing all the time

After that, the freaking pimple dissapered! I didn´t take any medicine, I didn´t tell anyone about it, I only set my goal in my mind and it was done! In less than 5 days!

Thanks so much Abundant Mind, your videos have changed many aspects of my life in different ways, but this experience was almost like magic or a miracle!

Satisfied guy

Your Videos Are Beautiful! Thank You For Creating Them!

Your videos are beautiful! Thank you for creating them! testimonials money meditation manifesting uncategorized I’ve been watching your Good Luck Attractor and Ancient Money Attractor videos on YouTube for a few days now. I just want to compliment you on how beautiful these videos are! Thank you for making them and sharing them with everyone. I’ve just bought both of them. Your videos are beautiful!

Thank you for creating them!


Healing And Restoration.

You guys have "THE Most AWESOME" video‘s of hope,encouragement,and "success,if a person want’s it. My comment is with the success of your material’s,why not make some on on healing and restoration,of Men,Women,boy’s,and girl’s who have been; abused,raped,molested,and beaten,mentally,physically,emotionally,and Sexually. Thank you so much.

Roark Jones


These videos are addictive! I am spending more time listening to these videos and the "junk" disappears. My mind is clear. I make better decisions. I thank God for Abundant Mind! My mind is being reprogrammed. The more I listen, the faster it is working. I wish I had these growing up!!!

Christinia E.

Thanks For Assisting Me

Just watched full version of going deep amazing stuff thanks for assisting me out of the crazy maze.luv you Anny


Amazing & Surprising Experience!

Before I found out subliminal videos, I started meditation and visualization to manifest my health and the life I wanted for about 2 months. When I found out information about subliminal videos online, I decided to give it a try. I searched some videos on YouTube which fit my needs and like. I like several videos from and I first chose "Heal Fast – Powerful Subliminal Binaural Beat" and watched it twice a day every single day for around two weeks and it started to make some differences.

When I watch the videos, I continue and combine my daily routine of meditation with it. Well, amazing and surprising things happened. I was actually confused why I can’t manifest something about my health after meditating for around two months. I read many people’s stories that they experience changes in a short period of time after meditation and visualization. I didn’t know why it didn’t happen to me, but I kept doing it, and hope consistency and perseverance would reward me someday. I believe it would happen because I had already sensed some small differences in different areas of my life.

After I watched the videos for around one more week, there was this one time, I suddenly realized that there was some part of me didn’t really believe what I was trying to manifest about my health. It was like a sudden enlightenment. I also felt I was getting more confident and energetic almost all of a sudden.

I still watch this same video almost every day, sometimes once, and sometimes twice a day. I want to change my schedule and go back to the routine of watching it everyday, twice a day because I feel it’s much more effective this way. Also that’s the way making magic happened to me, and raising my self-growth to the next level amazingly fast and obvious.

Thank you for making these great videos.


Changes For The Better

As I watched (especially) the full versions of "Going Deep" and "Manifest Confidence" I noticed changes in myself and the way I deal with things. In a good way. Actually great way. I wasn’t even thinking about it. It was natural, instinctual and automatic. And It’s only been 2 weeks! I’m going to continue watching those videos and try other videos and I am optimistically looking forward to changing myself and my life for the better. Thanks Ty!


Conscious Shifts!

I’ve been watching the video daily for almost two weeks, and I already feel myself making wiser decisions and attracting abundance into my life. Hooray for striving for emotional fitness! Thank you VERY MUCH for the these videos Conscious Shifts!

I use the "Going Deep" and "Money Lite" daily, and I plan on adding more to my repitroire at the end of this month!

Sincerely, Brett


Love the messages & visuals on healing. I got a good feeling after watching It. I love music. Could it have been the music plus the visuals? Only time will tell. On the same note of healing. Lots of what I tell people on health & fitness slots was mentioned in the videos. I do believe the body follows the mind. What we say is what gets confirmed in our lives. It sometimes takes a more aggressive approach to overcome some of our adveristies. I say in the matters of health, Get aggressive.



I have been using the free videos for a couple weeks now and I have to say your videos are by far the best! I love how you incorperate the binaural beats and the subliminal messages as well as australia online pokies the cinematry! Combined the videos just flow.And the GOING DEEP video I have included in the videos that I will be watching day and night and I can"t say enough positive about it! That video is upbeat, the graphics just draw you in, amazing! You are a genius at what you do and I am a customer for life now. Who am I kidding, I was already!


Going Deep

OMG!!!! Phenomenal and Exhilarating!! I have been viewing your videos for the last few hours and THEY ROCK! This "Going Deep" is off the chain... such powerful vibrations!! WOW

Lovely, Thank you

Silver Solace

Is This For Real?

After many searches and many hours of personally interviewing other sites for meditation devices, I found that Abundant Mind to be the most substantial in providing not only "THE BEST" of meditational services, but the most accurate in providing outstanding proven relief, guidence and support. Thank you Abundant Mind, you have changed my world, you have changed my mind, you have changed my way of thinking, for the better and forever in every day and in every way.


Going Under — Wow!

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but as I pressed the submit button, nothing seemed to happen. I repeated this 3 times. Today I looked and could not find it. So I’ll just say it again. This is the most amazing experience I can remember — at least since the 60′s, back in my old flower power days of LSD. Your visuals are extraordinary and after watching/listening to the 10 minute version, I feel more confident and am expecting some wonderful things to begin to happen.



So I started using this product, watching videos(Going Deep) and then after a couple of continued use I started noticing how life had change just a bit for me. The knowledge I gainned from watching life was awsomely in correlation with my mental state. Thanks for this videos.



I am very excited to have discovered your website. I have been on a great journey since cancer was discovered stage iv in 2009. I am cancer free now and believe it has opened doors to my mind in healing and power of thoughts I held...(faith). I am truly spiritual minded and eager to examine possible results from utilizing these meditations. Rushed out to purchase BOSE Q15 headphones this evening and have begun personal meditation with mindset of millionare, attract wealth, Abundant MindMONEY. Am only to eager to program my subconscious through belief that anything is possible to those who believe. Thank You for this opportunity to discover potential untapped. My Love to you.


Heart Felt Thank You

I started viewing the bineural beat videos and listening to them at night and first thing in the morning. Beautiful improvement in my abilities and I reviewd one for problem solving, Sooo much better. That one may or may not have been yours. I have sent these on to a few who are of like mind. Now I will say the headache..."Purging the negativity" Very well worth Again thanks, this has kept me positive and on he right track of faith. I have lost so much and still do not have money, but these keep me positive the money will come in soon enough for me and mine. Blessings.

Jeani (Piper) Casper

Going Deep

I use the "Going Deep" video as an introduction to my daily subliminal-assisted hour-long meditation. It works pretty effectively to open up my subconscious to the suggestions of my other subliminal videos in my standard line-up. They have all proven amazingly effective and have assisted me in altering my reality. For example, I can now work at home doing what I like to do (writing) on the computer in my bedroom in a third world country (Philippines)! My income is phenomenal. But I have a bit of an advantage. I learned, many years ago, how to meditate by "shutting off my thoughts" since I was a big fan of the Carlos Castaneda books. So, when I listen to my subliminal videos, it’s easier to reap their benefits by clearing my mind for extended periods of time.

Henry Brennan

Great change

I sincerely believed this video has been changing my life tremendously. Since I started to watch the videos, I can see how the entire universe is conspiring for my happiness and success. Even a relationship started online that was going nowhere became bold and strong mentally, espiritually and now finally amazing phisically. I really didn´t expect everything to happen so fast, but I believed with all my heart subliminal works. Maybe that´s wealthy... Thank you so much guys...


The Meadows

I watched the going deep video and I basically felt the same. I went to the casino like I always do and I didn’t feel any more confident than I usually do, but I won like crazy on the slot machines. Now, I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or what but I brought home some money the first day I began watching the video. This was the day before yesterday.

Abul Nasir


The first day I used money manifestation. I got 2500.00 The 2nd time I used it I got another 2500.00 The 3rd time nothing. The 4th time I received 3000.00!!! It works amazingly so. Part of what will help is if you clear out your energy and raise your vibrational frequency. If you have a bunch of emotional blocks and negativity it can inhibit the energy from flowing into your life. So try to clear your your spiritual body and your mind, raise your vibration a bit, then use the videos... They are amazing!


Attracting Love

Today, a former business associate called me and told me that he has been thinking about me for months. (I work with a lot of beautiful women) He told me that he liked me the most out of all of them. Coincidence????


Abundant Mind Movies

I’ve been watching these movies on youtube for a few days now and already noticed major shifts in my thinking. I have had HUGE resistance on attracting the right" man to me and have tried everything (even EFT) to fix this...I just release this block or deep seated "i cant attract the right man" feeling...even thought I know deep down im a catch it’s like I couldnt get myself to change who i felt. I noticed immediately after watching your "attract men" that I started feeling differebt; out of no where men have been checking me out (some pretty hot ones too!), wanting to talk to me, and i even feel differently...for the first time in...forever I actually feel i can attract the right man....i’ll keep you guys posted on my progress....and im not sure what you guys put in these movies...but it works!!!!


Heal Fast

Good Morning,

I first listened to the "heal fast" video a few weeks ago. My experience was a amazingly healing toward the end of the video, I bursted into tears. I had no idea to what I was crying for, but I felt a huge release from the center of my heart and I felt absoulutely wonderful and thankful to be able to actually feel something moving in and out of me. I thought could this be possible to feel this intense feeling without even sharing a word of my past, then I decided to watch again the next day. I didn’t feel that intense urge to cry again, but I felt warm inside and happier than I ever felt. One thing odd happened though, before I do anything I usually read a "miracle card" but I I always need my reading glasses, so I read a card and then proceeded to view the "heal fast" and afterwards, I wanted to re-read the "miracle card" but this time when I picked the card and before I reached my reading glasses, I looked at the card, and all the words were crystal clear and I was like omg, I didn’t need to use my glasses at all. So something wonderful is happening to me and I love it, so I view this video now in the morning and I will definitely view it in the evening. I shared this with some people, but they were not interested and were paranoid that I was doing something cultic.

Money Success

I’ve been viewing the lite version of both money consciousness and Together for the past couple of months, today I received 700$ extra income, I’d like to express my grattitude for this and grattitude for the many more changes I know are yet to come.


Muscle Regrowth

I stumbled upon your videos on youtube searching for general positive affirmation meditation. I have been suffering for several years from an auto immune disease and I saw the "heal fast" meditation and figured I’d give it a try. I had no expectations & I was a little sceptical. Although my intention was to boost my overal mood and help speed the healing of an infection ...what happened after 15 days was unexpected and astounding. To make a long stroy short, I learned to walk incorectly on my tippy toes and have never develped proper muscle tone in my calfs as a result. Although I wore braces and was taught to walk correctly as a child. I was getting so annyoed that I kept having charlie horses night after clue why. Then I muscle was regenerating! No joke! to compensate for the lack of developed calf muscle my ankles had grown a buldge of extra’s going away and my calfs are growing. I never would have thought that would happen! I just keep flexing and staring at my legs in astonishmet! No exercises have ever been able to acheive good results and are often painful. I wasn’t looking for this to happen and I scoffed at the idea until I kept listening and it kept going on. I’m really interested to see what happens by day 30 :)


All Subliminals

All the Abundant Mind programs have brought me a positive result and I just startyed them a couple of weeks ago. They are truley uniqe;like no other I’ve tried to date!


Love and Money

I have been using the full series of youtube posts for a month and the attract men/attract wealth since they were posted, daily. They work wonders. I had a horrible break up of a 20 year marrage and lost my job which left me devistated emotionaly and finacially and I needed to get back on my feet. I found this series and thought what the heck.

Just this week on the finacial front I won 1500 and paid off a few debts. Even though I had lost my primary job, I began working on a project that has the potential to generate a secondary revenue. I had taken a bartending job after my job loss and my tips increased substantialy. It was a complete turn around from the desperate place I had found myself in just two months ago. Only one problem, I work in a casino and the series compells me to want to gamble which is not good.

My self confidence with men has increased as well. I use to say men dont notice me and that I am invisible. Now all the other single women say "I hate you" in jest because of the all the male attention I recieve. I had two dates this week and when I walk thru a room I can see the heads turn. Its a good feeling because at 45 I was thinking I would be alone and loveless. I actually can pick and choose.

And as far as the memory intelligence series that is the kicker. I am learning a new computer language and its easy peasy. I saw the syntax pattern and naming convention pattern early on and have breezed right thru. My memory has improved. Just this morning a friend was trying to recall an incident and I was able to give details and recall the conversation and date of her incident with ease. She was impressed since it happened to her and she didnt remember it as well as I had.

I love this series and will continue to use it.


Receiving More Unexpected Cheques In The Mail

I’ve been watching your Manifest Money video for a while now. In the past two weeks, I’ve received another two unexpected cheques in the mail (each for around $30) from a previous employer whom I haven’t worked for in almost one year. Today, I also received an expected cheque in the mail (a rebate from a credit card company) earlier than anticipated.

This past year, I’ve really been focused on improving my financial situation. Before I found the Abundant Mind videos, I was also watching another free money manifestation video on YouTube (posted by another person). Back in January and February of this year, I received another four unexpected cheques in the mail–from organizations I would never have anticipated receiving money from.

The long and the short of it is: this works. I can feel my outlook about money changing. A lot of things seem more possible than they did last year.



You describe in your videos that, as you watch them, you may begin to experience "coincidences" and "awakenings" along the way. This week, I did experience a coincidence that made me smile...

I’ve been watching your "Manifest Money" video in which part of the film appears to be recorded in Venice, Italy. Anyway, as I was watching it the first two or three times, I couldn’t recall the name of the city, and I remember thinking, "Where is that? I’ll have to look it up later." Literally, within a day or two, I was having a discussion with some friends, and one of them mentioned that his daughter had just taken a trip to Venice last year. As he went on to express his concern over just how clean a city built on stagnant water could be, suddenly it clicked! That was the city in the video! I got my answer! Then I realized the coincidence and smiled to myself.

I’ve used other videos designed to attract money (other than Abundant Mind), and I’ve received two unexpected cheques in the mail this year as a result. So I know this can work. I definitely believe in that. I am looking forward to seeing what your videos will bring. Thank you for posting them.



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