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Visualization of desires is one of the main goal achievement techniques used by millions of people around the world. Visualization can be in the form of a wish board, screensavers on your phone, your imagination, pictures hanging around the room with an image of your desires and etc. To start the practice of visualization, first of all, you need to decide on your desire. It can be anything: an ideal job, a luxurious and spacious house, a lover - it depends on you, but it is important not to contain many desires in one visualization session. Also, visualization can be considered part of the practice of meditation. Last years meditation has gained high popularity. People around the world meditate, use meditations as a kind of self-development and there is no wonder in it. There are a number of reasons for starting to meditate: 1. Meditation relaxes the body and mind, replenishes energy, which helps to be more concentrated and effectively solve problems. 2. It helps to overcome diseases of a psychosomatic nature. 3. It helps to overcome emotional problems. 4. Develops your inspiration. 5. Develops your creativity. 6. Develops strength of character and strength of will. 7. This is a method of self-knowledge and self-management, spiritual growth. This is not a complete list of the benefits of meditation. All of the above is confirmed by various scientific studies. There is still much to discover and learn about meditation since scientists have only recently explored this interesting area. But I hope these advantages are enough to try meditation and see the result from personal experience.


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