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Many of our videos are based on the law of attraction, which is valid for everyone. The law of attraction is the way to discover the capabilities of your brain. This is an opportunity not to ask for anything, but to get everything you want. The basis of the law of attraction is that by accustoming our brain to think positively, it is possible to create positive events and reactions of our body. The law of attraction is about like seeks like. For example, if you think about poverty, then you attract the appropriate into your life, if you think about wealth, then the energy will be directed to wealth attraction. In our brain there is a region that is responsible for reactions to our emotions, while the brain does not distinguish, these emotions are caused by reality or imaginary events. Our emotions radiate vibrations into the outside world and create a field. Positive vibrations have a wide long wave frequency. Negative vibrations have a short wave frequency, reduced vibration. In order to get the emotions you need, just try to feel something that you would really like. Your thoughts should match your feelings. Rejoice in thinking of what you want. Allow yourself to have it. Believe that you deserve to live the life of your dreams. Excuses or explanations are not needed for the law of attraction; translating it into reality depends only on your thoughts, not circumstances. Create within yourself not just desire, but the intention, then you can notice how many opportunities and resources appear around us. Forgive yourself and others for any possible negative. Think in the present tense, not in the future. Give thanks for everything you have. The more often you give thanks, the more the universe gives cause for gratitude.


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